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Infrared Tube Heaters

Infrared Tube Heaters

Average Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters work on 40,000 BTU’s per hour and can be used with Natural Gas. The heater can be used for many different applications; it has been approved for both commercial and residential garage use.

Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters has also been approved for indoor and outside usage. You may have seen these heaters in auto repair shops, plumbing shops, and greenhouses and even in some bars and restaurants along with Infrared Wall Heaters. Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters will provide your home or business an identical heat distribution for your entire heating area. The Infrared Tube heaters are small and compact and they are made from an aluminum steel design.

Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters are known as Model MHT 45, are a low intensity infrared tube heaters that should not be used inside the home but for garage purposes only. You should always read the instructions before attempting to handle or operate the heater. Always keep in mind that if you smell gas not to light any appliances, or use any electrical switches. Always practice safety when using heaters that use natural gas or propane. Never try to install these heaters on your own, hire a qualified technician to install your Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters.

Upon Infrared Tube Heaters Arrival

Once you have received your Infrared Tube heaters, it is recommended that two people at least remove the heater from the box. Keep in mind that the heater has some very thin and very sharp sheet metal edges; wear gloves or heavy protection for your hands. The heat comes assembled with all necessary parts, such as the Burner Box, Front Fixed Hanger, Reflector, Heat Exchanger, Rear Moveable Hanger, Service Door, Intake Vent, Exhaust Vent, Nipples and Power Cord, everything you would expect from top quality garage Infrared Tube heaters.

The specifications of the Infrared Tube heaters are as follows, the electrical rating is 120 volts, 60 Hz, single phase and a single amperage .The heater will need a 3 pin molded plug with a gas connection of ½” Male NPT. The minimum natural gas supply pressure is 5.0″ W.C and the maximum is 10.5″ Inlet W.C. The package also comes with a gas conversion kit; the minimum Inlet for Liquid Propane is 11.0″ W.C and a maximum of 13.0″ W.C. You will need to have 25 feet maximum and 5 feet minimum of venting with a 3.0″ diameter for the flue and 3″ diameter for the vent piping. Here are a few places that you may find the Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters in Residential garages, greenhouses and workshops. Commercial applications include entrance ways to buildings, lobby areas, lunchrooms, aircraft hangers and public garages.

Infrared Tube Heaters Installation

It is not recommended that these heaters be installed in residential living rooms or any sleeping areas or basements. If you choose to use natural gas make sure that you consult your local gas company and see what they recommend and make sure that they are up to code. For the electrical supply, you will use a 3 prong electrical outlet that has to be installed within 18″ of the rear of the burner box. You should have a dedicated circuit for this style of heater. These heaters are great; they have enough power to heat an entire commercial garage. If you are looking to save money on your heating bills, then look no further than Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters, they are affordable and they don’t take up much room at all.

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