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Infrared Heaters Home

Infrared Heaters Home

Infrared heaters home transfer thermal energy (heat), in the form of electromagnetic waves, throughout the desired area into objects or substances. Infrared radiant heat disbursement can vary depending on efficiency, wavelength and reflectivity when choosing the Best Infrared Heater.

How Infrared Heaters Home work

The Infrared heaters home, its room and all objects in it are gently saturated with infrared energy. Next, these objects absorb, re-radiate and reflect the heat in all directions for an even distribution of infrared radiant heat.

Enjoy Indoor Heat from Infrared Heaters Home that works like the sun!

“We don’t experience any cold spots – just constant, even heat.” – Frances N.

Learn How Infrared Heaters Home Works from Home

Cold floors are no longer an issue with Infrared heaters home installation. Uniform comfort is the rule with minimal floor to ceiling temperature difference. The floor is warmed just like every other object in the room.

Heating Solutions

The infrared heaters home heating systems are heating solutions for commercial, industrial or residential areas. Additionally, special heating situations, such as healthcare facilities, wood shop and hot yoga studios, have taken advantage of this efficient, cost-saving method of heating.

ISSUE: Chemical Heaters were using a forced air heater (5000BTU) that would not maintain the room temperature much above 90° F. They needed to maintain this room at around 125° F for optimal operation of their product.

SOLUTION: Infrared Heaters home provided four 1000 watt units that were installed. After the installation the room temperature consistently hovered at 125° F and Chemical Heaters manufacturing time for the product was reduced by 50%

Infrared heaters home heat is comfortable, economical and convenient

Our infrared heaters home heating units heat up quickly; achieving their full temperature within five minutes and providing a constant temperature from floor to ceiling. Since Infrared Heaters home panels can be zoned for individual rooms, maximum cost savings can be realized by turning the temperature up in only the room(s) you choose.

  • Cost Savings – up to 40% less than electric convection, oil or gas heating systems
  • Easy Installation – as easy as installing a light fixture
  • Energy Savings – provides comfort at lower thermostat settings
  • No Waste – even heat distribution
  • No Maintenance – No pipes, no ducts, no furnace, no chimney

Infrared Heaters Home heat is healthful and safe

Architects and builders are well aware of the healthful qualities of radiant heat, and as a result, they have chosen our products more often than any other when building housing for the elderly. Hospitals are also major buyers of radiant electric heat products.

  • Clean, quiet, and odorless
  • Allergy-free for a healthy lifestyle
  • No Infrared Heaters Home Fire Hazard – No elements or coils

Proper selection of an Infrared Heater for your home

You have arrived to a website with a Heater review that genuinely cares about giving you a safe, cost efficient, toasty and problem free 2011-2012 winter. So we have taken all of the risk and now present you with the best investment in Infrared Heaters Home for this winter!

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