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Amish Heaters

Amish Heaters

are here just in time for the cold weather! As winter quickly approaches, staying warm is a paramount concern for homeowners. Helping to fight the cold are the beautiful, portable Amish heaters. An old fashioned fireplace is quaint and charming, but ashes and smoke can be a real hassle. Kerosene space heaters are convenient and easy to move from room to room, but they can really detract from a room’s decor.

Why should you have to choose between form and function when you can have both with Amish heaters? A amish heater Features a hand-stained and varnished wooden mantle made by Amish craftsmen, and a state of the art space heater with a beautiful facsimile fireplace, the Amish heaters are the answer to all your heating needs. Turn down your home’s central heat and roll your beautiful amish heaters from room to room, bringing the heat with you as you move about your house! You’ll save on heating bills, and you’ll add the beauty of the Amish heater to all the rooms in your home.

Amish heaters marry the convenience and cleanliness of the industrial looking kerosene heater with the old fashioned elegance of the messy fireplace, with the added bonus of real Amish craftsmanship. Just plug into any standard outlet to heat your home in style! It’s safe for children, and adults will marvel over its elegant design. Don’t wait a moment longer, as demand for Amish heaters is growing exponentially as the cold weather sets in. Beat the winter chill with Amish heaters! Buy one today!

Amish Heaters – Not Sold?

Amish heaters are advertised as more than just another heating appliance. Also popularly known as the miracle heater, this heater is said to consume less power and as such, it is said to result in a reduction of your bills due to heating. Amish heaters with their wood surround, costs in the range of $350 to $400.

This heater is essentially nothing else but a space heater. Additionally, it has a display that is powered by light bulb and it basically indicates the actual burning logs. Its unique feature of Roll-n-Glow operates on the premises of a heater driven by convection currents from a fan. Moreover, Amish heaters are also said to generate an extraordinary 5100 BTUs.

Amish Heaters – Exquisite Craftsmanship

However, it’s the exquisite craftsmanship that steals the show, in terms of this heater’s oak wood surround. What’s more, it’s available in other shades of colour options such as black, white and cherry options. With Amish heaters, you can heat a room with a total square feet area of up to 325, for a paltry sum of just about 16 cents for every hour of its use.

Amish heaters are comfortable to use, silent in operation and completely safe to handle. There is also a remote control option with which you can conveniently switch on or switch off the heater itself or its display alone. You can also use the remote control to switch between low heat and high heat. Moreover, the remote allows you to select between several settings of brightness of the heater’s flames.

Amish Heaters – Amish and Their Electricity

Amish Heaters The first thing to note is that there is no such thing as an Amish Heater. The Amish do not use electricity. They heat their homes with wood stoves and fireplaces. The Amish heaters advertised are made in regular manufacturing plants and comply with all laws for heater safety and efficiency. The Amish part of the product you are buying is the hand made cases or mantles. These are the parts of the product that are worth your money.

Most Amish Heaters are made in Pennsylvania in the shops that the Amish craftsmen have to support their families. Most are made of native hardwoods and are stained in a variety of colors one of which should match your home’s décor. The decision to buy one of these units should be based on a couple of factors. First, are you looking to add an attractive piece of furniture to a room that also can provide a fair amount of heat? Second, are you willing to pay extra to gain the handcrafted wooden mantles that make these units unique?

If the answer to your questions is yes then by all means look into buying at least one of these Amish Heaters. In the end if you do buy one know that you are helping to preserve the heritage of a proud people who have stayed committed to their ideals. Because of the economy and the chilly Winter that is coming we are offering a huge special offer that no other distributor is offering for Amish Heaters!


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